Q. What is shared parenting?

A. There is a range of ways people have defined shared parenting and similar arrangements. For us, shared parenting is where parents who live apart share the care and responsibilities of their children fairly and equally. Shared Parenting takes a flexible, child-centered approach between parents where the child’s welfare, safety and comfort are central to parenting. 

Q. What else might shared parenting and similar arrangements refer to?

A. There are many words that people may use to refer to the same thing as shared parenting including co-parenting, equal parenting, joint residence or joint custody. Some will refer simply to sharing the time you spend with a child, living in two houses, having a meaningful, quality relationship with both parents or both parents having joint powers over decision making.

Q. Is shared parenting always the right choice after separation?

A.  Shared parenting would never be recommended in every case - click here to find out more. 

Q. Who made this website?

A. This website was funded and produced by Families Need Fathers Scotland, the leading Shared Parenting charity in Scotland. With assistance from Isabelle Introna on behalf of the University of Edinburgh Employ.ed third sector scheme.